Tuesday, April 7, 2020

There is a huge possibility that the real powers (Big corporate while remaining invisible will act through the instruments of governments of different countries) will try to put massive surveillance systems to track each and every individual and use sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to manipulate and control people. That is a possibility post corona.

But there is something else happening on its own without anyone's doing. The mindset and perception of people is undergoing a transformation for the first time in modern history.
This may bring people closer to truth and reality and closer to their roots and traditions.

People may realise that to live well you really do not need too much. That there is a difference between showing off, vulgar display of wealth and real comfort (in our languages we call it ठाठ). We may realise that we are doing too much of unnecessary activity, trying to keep ourselves busy and sometimes pretending to be busy while actually we are not. The lock down may show us the falsity of all these pretences of money, of being busy, of being clever, of keeping up with the jonses. We may just become more real. This is a possibility.

It may be a time to remove the chaff from the grain, so to say. For instance the industry and service sector which is going to take the biggest hit is going to be the industry and services catering to only luxury. This is going to be badly hit and will take a long time to recover and if they do it will be in a different avatar.

20 th century was about blurring the distinction between NEEDS and WANTS. Every want was converted into a need through media, education, the advertising industry etc. It was in the interest of the market economy. So people were manipulated into needing things which actually they did not. But it suited the market. A good example of manipulation of the mind can be seen in the expensive "torn jeens". In india wearing torn clothes was considered bad omen (अपशुकन) both by the rich and the poor. But see the game . The rich kids are buying them at exorbitant prices. And these people 'think that they think's. But do they? Their perception has been manipulated.
These present times is making people ponder about many things and go back to the basics.

I think we need to see this and play a proactive part in this for a more easy and relaxed world in future.


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