Monday, February 10, 2020

I see no remorse, regret or self reflection among those who are lamenting and crying wolf over what they accuse the government or ruling dispensation of 'doing'  and promoting. Not one act of theirs does not have a precedent. This is not to condone them but one has to realise that they have learnt everything from the previous regimes and the political culture nurtured and nourished over the last 75 years or so.

So if we only keep accusing them what are we trying to achieve? Replace them with the older and wiser and more sophisticated, adept, clever lot who think or assume India is their jagir?

If there is honest introspection and genuine remorse for what has been sowed in the political culture of this country over decades, perhaps we will come out with something more in tune with the idea of swaraj.

Otherwise it is just a bluff. My views of course.

February 11, 2020
One very respected liberal intellectual based out of Delhi long back once was narrating how cleverly the left parties particularly the CPM manipulated votes in an election. He said they had refined rigging to a fine art. In Kolkata's bhadrolok areas they would hire prostitutes (sorry sex workers) from Sonagachhi to just come stand near the poling booths and start abusing each other in the filthiest possible manner. These bhadrolok areas were the ones were CPM was sure of not getting votes. The poor bhadrolok man and woman would step out to vote but seeing (and hearing) such ugly scene near the poking booth would turn his back, go home without casting any vote.

This is only an example of the sophistication achieved by one side whether it is rigging or fake news or distortion of facts. The other side about whom people are so concerned is only learning the tricks now. They are crude. They get caught. Give them some time. They will be as smart ad the other side very soon. Each and everything that one side criticises about the lately arrived johney's on the other side, the johney'shave learnt from them. What are you crying foul about?

And we the so called educated are being made fools. The smarter ones are either using you or you  have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo of last 75 years.

February 11, 2020

Bentinck, government general of india after a rebellion in the barackpore cantonment in 1824 (I think), three years wrote to his masters in London that now 'there is nothing to worry as the educated indian has started leaving their (own) ways and with the money thus saved is either spending that on imitating us or in entertaining us'.

We never understood what Bentinck understood. We have not understood it even after almost 200 years. We are still doing the same - imitating. Old wine in new bottle. Being 'progressive' became a fashion. In the 50s and 60s being a leftist was a fashion. Every young person in kolkata wanted to project himself/herself as a leftist and an intellectual. Some used to even wear spectacles for effect and kurta over trousers was a must. A few books (in english of course) in hand or jhola added to the demeanour.

For those who want to understand the matter in depth I would like to share something which was told to me (in passing) by a person who had served a number of years in the cellular jail in andaman. This gentleman for whom I had great respect for his simplicity and integrity, was a member of the socialist party. He was from east bengal and a chela of (master moshay ) surya sen.  He told me in passing that in the cellular jail there were almost no hindu scriptures but all Marxist literature was available. Curious? Isn't it? I would leave those who like to connect dots and really think to ponder and speculate over this. The prison was of the imperialist forces.

In this kolkata in the late 60s people were killed, murdered in the name of revolution. Ho chi Minh and Mao and che guera were cult figures. It was ALSO fashionable to be radical and revolutionary. Many of the revolutionaries of those times in due course became corporate honchos and bureaucrats and served the establishment. But that is another matter. What remained unchanged was only one thing. They always belonged to the elite class then and even now.

Then there was Nandi gram where muslims were shot by the then Marxist government. These things  need to be kept in mind. When the leftist indulge in violence and extremism it for a cause when others do something similar they cry foul. But don't you realise they have learnt from you.

But I was talking of the fashion and the elite. The elite of yesterday were leftists now they are called secularists and liberals. They decide what is right what is wrong. What should be branded as fundamentalism and what is secular.  For this elite class a simple, illiterate specially if he is a hindoo needs to be educated as otherwise according to him he is seeped in ignorance and superstition.

Mahatma Gandhi celebrated this ordinary person. He felt that if this ordinary person has not changed his ways (not progressed) and has used the same plough and stayed in the same hut and village for thousands of years (read Hind Swaraj) then it is we the educated who need to learn from him rather than try to change him. If he has not changed then it is a decision he has taken after considering a number of implications of mindless change. He is not a fool or regressive. But our elite think otherwise. So when they take the name of Mahatma Gandhi one feels angry and also aghast at the same time. If Bjp is using mahatma gandhi so are the liberals. What is the difference?

We are still copying and imitating the west. Earlier the leftist thoughts were coming from Britain and Russia now the liberal thought are coming from the American academia . There is no difference.

The present political scenario in the country needs to be understood by taking a long shot, in a larger perspective. The rise of bjp is a reaction to the kind of politics played out in this country over a century or more.

February 10, 2020

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The new 'liberal' and 'secularists' are the other side of the coin of fundamentalism that they keep criticising vehemently. Of course anyone in the middle of this polarised  battle does not realise this trap as they are  so deeply immersed in it  that they can not distance themselves and take a objective view of either themselves or what is happening. One ha s experienced this repeatedly. In fact they have so much hatred in their hearts of anyone even remotely reminding them of the other kind or in their perception, not in complete (dogmatic) alignment with their (myopic and extreme) view that in no time they jump to conclusion (a very glaring symptom of this disease) and start attacking with all their might. But they are in their arrogance not aware of their actions and how their mind is playing tricks on them.

Where does this confidence and violence (violence is more subtle and not just in it's physical manifestation) and arrogance come from which this lot manifests all the time?. They know! They are the holders of knowledge and ethics in public life, never mind corruption in public life (that is another matter)!. Others are either ignorant, foolish or have been mesmerised by false propaganda. They have reached this simplistic conclusion.
Their confidence comes from the collectivity, people around them. Or they have imbibed certain views from their childhood (in sanskrit which is anathema to many of them it is called sanskar). Point is  It is not intrinsic. It is like fashion. People wearing torn jeans and strutting around not because the desire to wear those clothes comes from within, from an understanding but because it is the fashion of the day. They derive their strength from the collective around them. It is the same with opinions, ideas and ideologies. Not much difference.

Just as fashion compells people in a very subtle manner to wear and behave in a certain manner, so do ideas and opinions and ideologies. They also change with time.

Original thinking is rare among this crowd even though they live in the assumed arrogance that no one else but them are the real thinkers.

What a tragic comedy.

February 10, 2020

Saturday, February 8, 2020

The ordinary Hindoo and the ordinary Musalman must emerge from the shadows of their so called leaders/representatives, their mouth pieces, and talk directly with each other. They must keep the intellectuals, the liberals, the hard cores, the fundamentalists and the charlatans out. Solution will emerge in no time. This is my belief. The leadership (both the covert and the overt type) will never let that happen. Is it possible  ?

Do the muslims realise that the political parties and their allies, the liberals and the secularists are doing more harm than good to their interests.

From the time of Nehru this has been the strategy. To put fear in the hearts of the musalman against the RSS and political dispensations aligned with the RSS and reap the harvest.

Lohia understood this in 1963. He wanted to bridge the divide created by the congress between the RSS and the muslims but he was murdered in 1967. So was Deen dayal upadhyaya in 1966. The two were getting close to each other. They were the main architects of the idea of United Front (against the congress in 1967 general elections). Both of them were finished off.

On the  other hand Madhu limay another leader of socialist party was instrumental in strengthening the hands of indira gandhi under the influence of the then USSR. A highly egoistic man who was even envious of his leader Dr. Lohia. He was instrumental in getting V.V. Giri an indira candidate for president ship of india elected against the wishes of the great Raj Narain and people like Bal Krishna Gupta, in 1969. Madhu limaye was the main architect for the breaking of janata party on the pretext of the RSS and who benefitted ? Again Indira Gandhi.  Madhu Limaye always vovertly supported congress and Indira in a devious manner.

One must wonder how George Fernandez sich a close associate of madhu became the no. 2 man in Vajpai's government from 1996. Because madhu had passed away by then!

 I hope some people will understand the deep conspiracy played out in this country by the congress, the nehru gandhi family and their allies both within the country and outside (earlier mainly the USSR and now the ruling elite of the US despite  Trump).

 This country has been taken for a ride for too long by the congress and it's agents in india and abroad. The muslims have been used by these political forces. And the muslim leadership eats out of the hands of these parties. Please understand how a muslim husband wife team both get elected to rajya sabha.has it ever happened? These are the powerful elite of india in the garb of liberalism and Secularism. The muslims must realise the sham and disown this kind of leadrship/ representation. The ordinary but larger majority of muslims need to realise this. The RSS and BJP need to realise this and start a dialogue with the ordinary muslim.

Does it make sense? Certainly not to our liberals, I am sure.

February 8, 2020
Quite interesting to see how those opposing CAA, BJP, Modi and/or suporting  kanhaiya, shaheen …… etc etc (you know what I mean. I don't have to elaborate) are sitting on high horses. They know. Others nitin alignment with their extreme view are hindoo fundamentalists, ignorant, muslim haters, hate mongers, they have brainwashed by the RSS/ BJP hate campaign etc etc. They know all others are either bigots or fools. Only they know. And you are either with them or you are condemned. You should and have to  be politically correct. Otherwise you are anti democratic, (even though those they oppose have the majority. But then perhaps that is because the AVMs were fudged and/or they befooled the simple people). These simple people are foolish after all, aren't they? They come in droves to take a dip in the holy ganga and feel purified ( how foolish of these people. Perhaps they deserve a man like Modi. I wonder).  These people sitting on a pedestal casting aspersions on all those not in alignment with their politically correct views have been trying to educate these ignorant cattle class but these simpletons refuse to be educated. What a tragedy.

Polarisation is complete.

February 8, 2020
I am absolutely sure there are many hindoos like me who have absolutely no problem with the muslims. Problem is with the politics played out in the last 70 years and more. Our problem is with those sitting on high horses - the 'liberals' (don't take this word literally otherwise you will not understand) and the 'secularists' . They are the problem. But they 'think' they are the saviours - not just in India but the world over. They understand real issues, they understand what is right what is wrong, and people of this world, must follow them. They freely judge others accusing them of dogmatism but they have s completely closed mind but are totally unaware of this.They accuse others of fake news, misinformation, propaganda but have no qualms about using all the tricks in the game to suit their ends. They are after all above everyone else and doing everything for a larger good!

Actually they are the real elite. It does not matte if they have tons of money or not. They enjoy real power even now despite Modi and Trump. They are the saviours and carriers of public  morality. They condemn Hitler (very good) but shy away from saying anything on Stalin and Mao. They are the intellectual class. They know. The ordinary person who they are trying to save are ignorant. They don't know anything. Their faith, specially if these ordinary are hindoo, is superstition for the intellectuals.

I wonder if this is by design, deliberate or is it shree self disillusionment.

February 8, 2020