Saturday, February 8, 2020

The ordinary Hindoo and the ordinary Musalman must emerge from the shadows of their so called leaders/representatives, their mouth pieces, and talk directly with each other. They must keep the intellectuals, the liberals, the hard cores, the fundamentalists and the charlatans out. Solution will emerge in no time. This is my belief. The leadership (both the covert and the overt type) will never let that happen. Is it possible  ?

Do the muslims realise that the political parties and their allies, the liberals and the secularists are doing more harm than good to their interests.

From the time of Nehru this has been the strategy. To put fear in the hearts of the musalman against the RSS and political dispensations aligned with the RSS and reap the harvest.

Lohia understood this in 1963. He wanted to bridge the divide created by the congress between the RSS and the muslims but he was murdered in 1967. So was Deen dayal upadhyaya in 1966. The two were getting close to each other. They were the main architects of the idea of United Front (against the congress in 1967 general elections). Both of them were finished off.

On the  other hand Madhu limay another leader of socialist party was instrumental in strengthening the hands of indira gandhi under the influence of the then USSR. A highly egoistic man who was even envious of his leader Dr. Lohia. He was instrumental in getting V.V. Giri an indira candidate for president ship of india elected against the wishes of the great Raj Narain and people like Bal Krishna Gupta, in 1969. Madhu limaye was the main architect for the breaking of janata party on the pretext of the RSS and who benefitted ? Again Indira Gandhi.  Madhu Limaye always vovertly supported congress and Indira in a devious manner.

One must wonder how George Fernandez sich a close associate of madhu became the no. 2 man in Vajpai's government from 1996. Because madhu had passed away by then!

 I hope some people will understand the deep conspiracy played out in this country by the congress, the nehru gandhi family and their allies both within the country and outside (earlier mainly the USSR and now the ruling elite of the US despite  Trump).

 This country has been taken for a ride for too long by the congress and it's agents in india and abroad. The muslims have been used by these political forces. And the muslim leadership eats out of the hands of these parties. Please understand how a muslim husband wife team both get elected to rajya sabha.has it ever happened? These are the powerful elite of india in the garb of liberalism and Secularism. The muslims must realise the sham and disown this kind of leadrship/ representation. The ordinary but larger majority of muslims need to realise this. The RSS and BJP need to realise this and start a dialogue with the ordinary muslim.

Does it make sense? Certainly not to our liberals, I am sure.

February 8, 2020

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