Sunday, February 9, 2020

The new 'liberal' and 'secularists' are the other side of the coin of fundamentalism that they keep criticising vehemently. Of course anyone in the middle of this polarised  battle does not realise this trap as they are  so deeply immersed in it  that they can not distance themselves and take a objective view of either themselves or what is happening. One ha s experienced this repeatedly. In fact they have so much hatred in their hearts of anyone even remotely reminding them of the other kind or in their perception, not in complete (dogmatic) alignment with their (myopic and extreme) view that in no time they jump to conclusion (a very glaring symptom of this disease) and start attacking with all their might. But they are in their arrogance not aware of their actions and how their mind is playing tricks on them.

Where does this confidence and violence (violence is more subtle and not just in it's physical manifestation) and arrogance come from which this lot manifests all the time?. They know! They are the holders of knowledge and ethics in public life, never mind corruption in public life (that is another matter)!. Others are either ignorant, foolish or have been mesmerised by false propaganda. They have reached this simplistic conclusion.
Their confidence comes from the collectivity, people around them. Or they have imbibed certain views from their childhood (in sanskrit which is anathema to many of them it is called sanskar). Point is  It is not intrinsic. It is like fashion. People wearing torn jeans and strutting around not because the desire to wear those clothes comes from within, from an understanding but because it is the fashion of the day. They derive their strength from the collective around them. It is the same with opinions, ideas and ideologies. Not much difference.

Just as fashion compells people in a very subtle manner to wear and behave in a certain manner, so do ideas and opinions and ideologies. They also change with time.

Original thinking is rare among this crowd even though they live in the assumed arrogance that no one else but them are the real thinkers.

What a tragic comedy.

February 10, 2020

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