Saturday, February 8, 2020

I am absolutely sure there are many hindoos like me who have absolutely no problem with the muslims. Problem is with the politics played out in the last 70 years and more. Our problem is with those sitting on high horses - the 'liberals' (don't take this word literally otherwise you will not understand) and the 'secularists' . They are the problem. But they 'think' they are the saviours - not just in India but the world over. They understand real issues, they understand what is right what is wrong, and people of this world, must follow them. They freely judge others accusing them of dogmatism but they have s completely closed mind but are totally unaware of this.They accuse others of fake news, misinformation, propaganda but have no qualms about using all the tricks in the game to suit their ends. They are after all above everyone else and doing everything for a larger good!

Actually they are the real elite. It does not matte if they have tons of money or not. They enjoy real power even now despite Modi and Trump. They are the saviours and carriers of public  morality. They condemn Hitler (very good) but shy away from saying anything on Stalin and Mao. They are the intellectual class. They know. The ordinary person who they are trying to save are ignorant. They don't know anything. Their faith, specially if these ordinary are hindoo, is superstition for the intellectuals.

I wonder if this is by design, deliberate or is it shree self disillusionment.

February 8, 2020

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